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Dr Grzegorz Hoppe

Numbers Theory

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Natural Numbers:

Natural numbers were created from the original number 1, in an infinite number of cycles. 
Cycle (adding 1) of creations of all natural numbers:
{1} next    [cycle start {2n} next {3n} back or next [{6n -1} or {6n +1}] back] 

Each natural number belongs to one of the resulting original subsets of natural numbers:

N = {1,2,3} ᴜ [2N + {2}] ᴜ [6N + {3}] ᴜ [6N – {1}] ᴜ [6N + {1}]


Entanglement of Natural Numbers
with Prime Numbers:
N = {1,2,3,4} ᴜ 6N ᴜ [12N + {3}] ᴜ [12N ± {4}] ᴜ [[P ᴜ {1}] x [6N ± {1}]]


PRIME NUMBERS immersed in natural numbers