Human in Universe

Dr Grzegorz Hoppe

About Mathematics and Numbers

About 10,000 years ago, the original human looked at his hand, then at the other, and the decimal number system arose in his imagination. It was the beginning of mathematics based on the mistake of evolution. If this primitive human had 12 fingers, modern mathematics would look quite different.

Though the Universe around him shows him that in nature the division into 10 equal parts is extremely rare, he decided that the number of his fingers is more important, then nature.

This imaginary axis of division of numbers into divisible by 10, has made mathematicians devote their precious time to solving problems that do not really exist.

Most divisions in nature are divided into 6 or 12 parts. Other divisions are the Fibonacci sequence or the golden division ( φ number). These last divisions are the pursuit of nature to the number π.

If you think that numbers are divisible by 10 for a lifetime, it’s hard for you to understand that you’ve been wrong all your life.

Decimal number system

Only 10% of all Natural Numbers are divisible by 10 !!!