Human in Universe

Dr Grzegorz Hoppe

About myself

A warm welcome to anyone who’s open to knowledge and can reflect for a moment that what they’ve learned so far doesn’t have to be true. On my website you’ll find information on my own theories, my books and something about myself.
Most importantly though, I’d like to say that all my theories are based only on the formal sciences, i.e. logic and mathematics, and those laws of physics which I have no doubt are true.
Personally, I’m an absolute rationalist and in my research I always try to follow the principle that a simpler solution is more likely than a complicated one, so the universe is only as complicated as it is necessary for it to look and act in the way we perceive it to be.
An important research assumption for me is to look at each phenomenon in a holistic and interdisciplinary way. I’m convinced that only this approach can lead to real new discoveries.
I’m convinced that all the theories I propose are true and describe our reality (our universe).
Should anyone come across any logical error in these theories, I’d be extremely grateful to get feedback because I don’t consider myself infallible.

Grzegorz Hoppe